resized_175x192_VickiRoxyExamFocus on Preventive Medicine

Preventative medicine for your pet will be emphasized at Adobe Animal Hospital of Soquel so that potential problems can be avoided before they occur. Annual wellness exams for younger pets along with a vaccination review will be recommended. Wellness blood profiles are also important on younger pets to establish a baseline for future comparison. In addition, all dogs should receive year-round heartworm protection and flea protection on a seasonal need.

resized_175x187_ChristinaGracieDental care is another form of preventative medicine that can start at home with your pet. Regular dental exams and cleanings, if necessary, will help ensure your pet will live a long healthy life. Older pets will need physical examinations every 6 months after 6-7 years old. Once yearly, comprehensive senior lab workups are recommended in order to catch disease processes before the pet becomes symptomatic. If caught early, many diseases can be cured or controlled, adding longevity and quality of life for your pet.