ultrasound_1To aide in the diagnostic process, we start with a through physical exam, and continue with diagnostics.

We have a full in house laboratory as well as an extensive outside laboratory for advanced sample testing.

We have a video otiscope for visualization of the ear canal.

digital_xray_2If x-rays are required, we have a state of the art digital x-ray system. We can capture x-ray images in digital format, which enables us to immediately view and manipulate them from any computer in our office. The digital technology enable us to fine tune the image to help us extract more diagnostic information than ever possible from a single exposure of a traditional film radiograph. Digital radiographs are also easily transmitted to specialists for consultation on selected cases, greatly increasing our diagnostic capabilities with rapid turn around time only capable with a digital image.

If more advanced studies are needed, we have in house ultrasounds performed by the same radiologists or a veterinary cardiologist.

If your pet requires critical diagnostics or intensive care, we have access to internal medicine specialist, oncologists, neurologists, cardiologists, dermatologists, or ophthalmologists to whom we can refer you.

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