Common Types Of Pet Surgery

Common surgery of Cat

Common Types Of Pet Surgery

At Adobe Animal Hospital of Soquel, we take great pride in our staff of expert veterinarians who are committed to delivering quality care for both our clients and their beloved dogs. Our surgical services cover a wide range of treatments, allowing us to address each animal’s individual needs with precision and compassion.

Elective Procedures:
Elective procedures are an important aspect of our surgical services. Non-emergency procedures, such as spaying and neutering, are critical for population control as well as the overall health and well-being of the pets. Our skilled veterinarians perform these treatments with the utmost care, ensuring each animal receives the attention and post-operative care they deserve.

Dental Surgery:
Dental surgery is another important element of our services. Tooth health is just as important for pets as for humans, and untreated tooth diseases can cause discomfort and other health issues. Our veterinarians are well-versed in various dental operations, including extractions and periodontal disease treatment, to ensure our furry pets have healthy mouths and enjoy their favorite treats without suffering.

Ophthalmic Surgery:
Ophthalmic surgery is a specialist field that necessitates skill and precision. Our veterinarians are trained to treat a variety of eye disorders, including cataract removal and eyelid restoration, with the objective of preserving and restoring eyesight in our canine companions.

Orthopedic Surgery:
Orthopedic surgery is available to treat musculoskeletal abnormalities in pets, including bone fractures and joint difficulties. Our staff combines advanced surgical procedures with a thorough grasp of animal anatomy to provide the best possible outcomes. This allows pets to regain movement and lead active lifestyles.

Wound Repair:
Accidents and injuries can cause wounds that need emergency medical attention. Our veterinarians are well-prepared to handle wound repair, which includes thorough cleansing and precise suturing to promote healthy healing and reduce the risk of infection.

Foreign Body Removal:
We conduct foreign body removal as an essential service since pets can sometimes consume things that are harmful to their health. Our team works quickly and expertly to remove foreign bodies and avoid future difficulties.

Tumor and Growth Removal:
Our vets have extensive experience in tumor and growth removal. When a pet is diagnosed with a tumor or abnormal growth, we tackle the problem with sensitivity and knowledge, offering appropriate surgical intervention to properly manage the condition.

At Adobe Animal Hospital of Soquel, we put pets first in all we do. We try to provide superior surgical care, ensuring that each animal receives the attention and treatment required to live healthy and happy lives alongside their loving families.

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