Pet Pediatrics & Geriatrics

Pet Pediatrics & Geriatrics

At AAHOS (Adobe Animal Hospital of Soquel) in Santa Cruz, CA, we are committed to providing comprehensive care for your cherished animal companions at all stages of their lives. We recognize the significance of each stage of life, from puppy or kittenhood to the sensitive senior years. With a strong dedication to their well-being, we provide specialized services suited to their requirements.

Proper immunization is critical for young pets to lay a good foundation for a healthy life. We provide well-structured puppy and kitten immunization packages to safeguard your beloved pets from common infections. Recognizing each pet’s unique lifestyle, we modify vaccine selection individually to ensure they receive the most suitable protection.

As pets age, their health needs change, and frequent check-ups become even more important. We strongly advise yearly physicals to evaluate their overall health and identify potential problems early on. Furthermore, we advise adopting a yearly blood panel to assess organ function beginning at seven. Detecting any problems early allows us to take preventative actions, such as modifying their diet or introducing drugs, with the goal of preventing subsequent difficulties. Our method increases their life expectancy and improves their quality of life, ensuring they are happy and comfortable throughout their golden years.

We recognize that your dogs have a special place in your heart, and we treat them with the same love and care that you do. Our friendly staff and trained veterinarians are committed to delivering quality treatment and support for your precious family members. We seek to develop long-term connections with pets and their owners, maintaining open communication and understanding to provide the finest care for your animals.

As pet health advocates, we are committed to lifelong learning and remaining current on the latest advances in veterinary science. We aim to be a trusted partner in your pet’s health journey, supporting them from their fun beginnings to their graceful senior years with compassion, skill, and steadfast commitment. Pet Pediatrics & Geriatrics at Adobe Animal Hospital of Soquel puts your pet’s health first.

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