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Focus on Preventive Medicine

At Adobe Animal Hospital of Soquel in Santa Cruz, CA, we emphasize preventative treatment for pets, guaranteeing the well-being of our cherished friends. With an emphasis on early intervention, our team advises annual wellness checkups for younger pets, allowing us to discover and manage any potential health issues before they worsen. To protect against preventable diseases, a full vaccination review is performed, with the immunization regimen tailored to each pet’s unique needs.

Wellness blood profiles are thought necessary for younger pets, setting a baseline for future health comparisons and assisting in the early detection of any anomalies. This proactive strategy allows us to monitor their general health and intervene as needed.

Recognizing the need to keep dogs from common parasites, we strongly recommend year-round heartworm and seasonal flea prevention. By taking these precautions, we hope to protect our pets from potentially serious health problems while ensuring their enjoyment and life.

Our approach to preventative treatment at Adobe Animal Hospital of Soquel reflects our devotion to providing excellent healthcare and establishing enduring ties between dogs and their owners.

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At Adobe Animal Hospital of Soquel in Santa Cruz, CA, we understand that dental treatment is an important part of preventative health for pets. We advise pet owners to begin dental care practices at home, promoting proper oral hygiene for their canine friends. If needed, regular dental exams and cleanings are critical to ensuring their long and healthy lives.

As pets age, their healthcare requirements change, and we emphasize the importance of more frequent physical checks. We recommend that older pets be examined every six months once they reach the age of 6-7 years. This allows us to closely monitor their health and detect potential illness processes before they develop symptoms.

We recommend annual complete blood workups to better protect the well-being of older pets. Detecting diseases at an early stage allows us to provide timely intervention, potentially curing or managing the ailment and improving your beloved pet’s longevity and overall quality of life.

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