Pet Post Surgical Care

Dog Surgical care

Pet Post Surgical Care

When your pet is ready to go home from Adobe Animal Hospital of Soquel, our devoted team of trained veterinary technicians will provide you with specific post-surgical care instructions. These instructions are tailored to your pet’s unique needs, ensuring they receive the best care while recovering at home. We realize the significance of good post-surgical care in fostering your pet’s smooth and successful recovery.

We don’t stop there to ensure your pet’s well-being. We check in on your pet’s healing the day they come home after each medical operation. This check-in allows us to monitor your pet’s progress and address any concerns or queries you may have during this critical recuperation phase. Our dedication to providing great care extends beyond the surgical procedure, and we endeavor to provide ongoing support and help for your pet’s whole recovery journey.

Dog surgical care

If our skilled veterinary team feels that your beloved pet requires closer observation or the administration of injectable pain medication, we will advise you to transfer your pet to the Pacific and Santa Cruz Veterinary Hospital. We value your pet’s health and comfort above all else, and in some situations, intensive monitoring may be required for their recuperation. Our cutting-edge facility is outfitted with advanced medical technology and staffed by highly qualified specialists who will provide round-the-clock treatment and monitoring. You may be confident that your pet will be treated with kindness and respect during their stay with us. Your confidence in our services enables us to assure your pet’s quick recovery and a happy, healthy life ahead.

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