Pet Microchipping

Pet microchip

Pet Microchipping

One of the most serious hazards to a pet’s life is becoming lost. Every year, an estimated ten million pets go missing, and the sad reality is that without appropriate identification, 90% of them never return home. As responsible pet owners, we must take precautions to protect our furry friends from harm. At Adobe Animal Hospital of Soquel in Santa Cruz, CA, we provide a dependable solution to this problem for your cherished dogs through HomeAgain microchipping and registration services.

HomeAgain microchipping is a quick and easy way to permanently identify your pets. The operation entails inserting a tiny microchip beneath your pet’s skin, a unique identification linked to your contact information. Unlike traditional collars and tags, these microchips cannot be lost or removed, making them a secure and infallible way of identification.

One of the key benefits of HomeAgain microchips is their worldwide readability. If you decide to take your pet to Europe, you may be confident that the microchip will be read and identified by scanners there as well. This gives an added degree of security and peace of mind for pet owners who like traveling with their canine companions.

If your pet goes missing and is taken to a local animal control or animal services facility, these organizations have specialized scanners that detect and read HomeAgain microchips. This technique dramatically improves your chances of reuniting with your lost pet. When the microchip is read, the unique identifying number matches your contact information, allowing you to be reached quickly and kept up to date on your pet’s movements.

At Adobe Animal Hospital of Soquel, we believe that every creature deserves the best chance of being reunited with their family. As part of our commitment to ethical pet ownership, we are delighted to provide HomeAgain microchipping and registration services. Take advantage of this vital service to preserve your pet’s future and offer yourself peace of mind. Remember that a microchip can mean the difference between grief and a blissful reunion. Don’t put it off until it’s too late; microchip your pet today.

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