Pet Internal Medicine

Pet ultrasound

Pet Internal Medicine

At Adobe Animal Hospital of Soquel in Santa Cruz, CA, we are committed to delivering excellent care for pets, and our commitment to rigorous diagnostics is critical in reaching accurate and speedy diagnoses. We begin the diagnosis process with a thorough physical examination in which our expert veterinarians thoroughly analyze your pet’s overall health and check for any indicators of potential problems.

Our well-equipped in-house laboratory allows us to run a wide range of necessary tests to aid in the diagnostic process. From blood tests to urine analysis and more, our in-house laboratory allows us to receive data quickly and make informed decisions about your pet’s health.

We work with a large outside laboratory for more specialized and advanced sample testing. This collaboration guarantees that we have access to a wide range of diagnostic tests, allowing us to have a better knowledge of your pet’s condition.

We use a video otoscope to examine the ears because it provides a great view of the ear canal. This technology helps us identify ear infections, foreign objects, and other ear-related disorders, allowing us to deliver tailored therapy.

Pet digital x-ray

In cases where X-rays are required, we use cutting-edge digital X-ray technology. This cutting-edge technology enables us to acquire high-quality photos in digital format, which improves our diagnostic capabilities. The digital images can be viewed and edited from any computer in our office, allowing us to extract more specific diagnostic information than traditional film radiography previously allowed. Furthermore, we can readily share these digital radiographs with specialists for consultations, considerably improving our capacity to provide the finest care for your pet.

In-house ultrasounds conducted by trained radiologists or veterinary cardiologists are available for more difficult instances. This imaging technology provides important insights into your pet’s interior structures, assisting in diagnosing various medical disorders.

If your pet requires vital diagnostics or intensive treatment, we have a network of professionals ready to help. Internal medicine experts, oncologists, neurologists, cardiologists, dermatologists, and ophthalmologists are among these. If the need arises, we can send you to these specialists to ensure your pet receives the specialized care they require.

Pet Internal Medicine at Adobe Animal Hospital of Soquel is committed to sophisticated diagnostics and collaboration with specialists as part of our goal to deliver thorough and compassionate care for your furry pets.

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